Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Venture Design Works freeHAND review

Reviewed by K.C. Kim
Available in Large and Small Sizes

FreeHand is a pocket for the back of your hand. It holds things so you don't have to. Concentrate fully on your running, cycling, walking or whatever by using the freeHAND to free your hand!

Intro: I have often had times when wearing shorts without pockets during the summer to find no place to carry my keys, money, mp3 players, etc. Sometimes I would end up putting my money and keys in my sock. Not exactly comfortable or safe. Enter FreeHAND an extra pocket on your hand.

Function: The freeHAND Velcro’s on to your right hand. I found the freeHAND extremely comfortable. The freeHAND feels light and after awhile you forget its even on. The glove (Size Large) fit perfectly to my hand. Having tested the freeHAND with various electronics I found it to securely hold a host of gear.

Iriver Clix2: The Clix2 fits in perfectly in the freeHAND.

Ipod Video: While the Ipod Video fits inside it’s a tight fit and bit overflowing.

For cash, keys, cards, smaller flash based players (Nano, Clix2, Meizu M6, etc) the freeHAND works best. While the Treos and 5G Ipod will work they do add a tad bit of bulk and weight.

Conclusion: For the active person the freeHAND will be a great benefit. Whether you’re running, cycling. walking, or jogging the freeHAND will be there keep your gear conveniently available. When you don’t have a pocket in your shorts or pants why not carry you gear in the freeHAND? The ultimate carrying case on your hand!

8.2 out of 10

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