Monday, June 13, 2011

earBuddy Review


Reviewed by K.C. Kim

If you plan on protecting you’re Ipod with a case why not protect your earphones as well. This is the idea of the new accessory for the Ipod called "earBuddy". Earbuddy is the ultimate carrying case for the Ipod earbuds.


The earBuddy comes in your choice of two colors silver/orange or all black. I tend to prefer the silver with orange trimming as it looks nice with the white Ipod earbuds inside. The outside of the case is made of sturdy ballistic nylon that offers maximum protection in a ultracompact size.


On the inside you will find an ABS plastic reel that lets you easily wind up the cable and store everything in the smallest possible space.

The earBuddy is very practical, as most of us tend to use and abuse our earphones usually throwing them in a backpack and forgetting them. Only to find a tangled mess when we require them. Now we have a simple solution and that is the earBuddy that protect and are tangle free. At only $14.95 this is an essential Ipod accessory that everyone should own. Rating 9 out 10.

To purchase this item head over to Sendstation's website HERE

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