Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mylight marklight booklight & bookmark - 3 L.E.D.s Review

Review by K.C. Kim

Size - 9" x 1.75" x .5"
Sewn Bookmark - heavy duty stitching
Polycarb Housing - remove to replace batteries
3 LED Bulbs - never need replaced
Super Bright - illuminates a wide area
Long Running - 40 hours - 2 common batteries
Hi & Low Setting - Turn on 3 LEDs or 1 LED
Flexible - bend and flatten out over and over
Style - leather, nylon and plush available

What's flexible, lights up your book just right for night time reading - and saves your place so you can return to just the right spot later? Give up? It's the brand new marklight™ by My Light™. With lot's of fashion to choose from, you'll find just the right look for you - and your friends too!

Intro: Let’s face it most people do not have the time during the day to read. So more often than not we are in bed reading the latest bestseller with little to no light. Fortunately there is a product like the Mylight marklight booklight & bookmark that can be your own personal light source.

Design: The marklight comes in your choice of four styles: Genuine Leather (Black, Brown, Wine), Faux Leather (Brown Faux, Black Faux), Woven Nylon (Pink, Blue), and Plush Print.

Function: The marklight comes with three LED’s. The switch on the front can switch it from off to one light on, to all three LED’s on. Even with one LED on the brightness is quite good. And when lighting is poor where you reading the highest brightest should keep your eyes from tiring. Below the leather casing is a metal strip that is bendable over the book you’re reading.

Conclusion: This is an excellent product for book lovers. Anyone who reads in bed should really benefit from the My Light marklight booklight & bookmark.

9.2 out 10

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