Monday, June 13, 2011

Sennheiser OMX 90 VC Style Review


Reviewed by K.C. Kim
These high-quality, clip-on stereo earphones provide a built-in volume control and individually adjustable ear clips for optimum fit and comfort. In addition, the OMX 90 VC Style's new damping system produces a detailed sound pattern for a special listening pleasure. Comes complete with convenient carrying case.


* Specially tuned damping system ensures detailed sound image and optimal listening pleasure
* High-quality metal accentuates the unique design
* Individually adjustable ear clips for a secure and comfortable fit
* Earbud adapter set for adapting the size of the earbuds
* Volume control integrated into the cable
* Convenient carrying case


* Nominal impedance: 64 Ohm
* Jack plug: Gold 0.14 in./3.5 mm stereo, right-angled
* Transducer principle (Headphones): Dynamic
* Ear coupling: Clip on, in ear
* Frequency response (headphones): 19Hz to 22 kHz
* Sound pressure level (SPL): 116 dB
* Total harmonic distortion (THD): <0.1%
* Weight (without cable): Approx. 0.71 oz./20.0 g
* Cable length: 3.9 ft./1.2 m (symmetrical)

In the box

* OMX 90 VC Style earphones
* Volume control
* Carrying case
* Earbud adapter set


When it comes to high quality headphones one name comes to mind “Sennheiser.” When Sennheiser launch a new style line of earphones I jumped at the opportunity to review it.


What’s included – Along with the clip on earphones you will get a nice black plastic case to protect it. Along with a set of earbud cushions.


Design – Many have compared the OMX 90 to the Bang & Olufsen A8s and I do agree that both exude a high class of style. But in my opinion the OMX 90 Clip Earphones are much more comfortable as well as having much better sound.

Conclusion – After using the Sennheiser OMX 90 VC Style Earphones I could never again go back to stock earphones again. There are sound perfection in your ears and worth every penny. If you are looking for earphones that possess both style and amazing sound quality look no further than the Sennheiser OMX 90 VC Style Earphones.

Rating 9.0 out 10

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