Monday, June 13, 2011

Playaway The self-playing digital audio book review


Reviewed by K.C. KIm

Finally an easy way to listen to audio books. No more lugging around multiple cds or cassettes and downloading audio books that can’t be shared with others. Playaway Digital has created an easy way to listen and share audio books.


Included with the Playaway player is earphones, lanyard, AAA Batery already installed, user guide, as well as a One Year Limited Warranty.


The Playaway digital audio book is a mp3 player that is preloaded with your favorite book. I chose Stephen King’s The Cell. As you can see in the picture the player includes the cover art on one side and controls on the other.

The Device is powered by one AAA battery that will last 12 hours.

The Playaway digital audio book is solid product and is convenient to use. The main issue I have with this device is that the price is a bit high. If this device has any future it should be price around $15-$20 range. And I'm sure it would be a hot seller at a bookstore, airport, or anywhere you need to pass the time.

Rating 8.5 out 10

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