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Latte SLIM11B GSM Unlocked Phone Review

Review by K.C. Kim


Regular price: $399.00
Sale price: $199.99

Latte Communications launched its 3rd GSM phone in USA

Be the first one to own this stylish GSM phone.

Smaller than L7. Better Camera than L7. More Stylish than L7.
Take pictures and move the files from the phone to your computer by just connecting USB cable. SO EASY!!!

Take Pictures. Take Video. Move the files. Play Music. Watch Video...... more and more...

Frequency : 850/1800/1900MHz or 900/1800/1900 Mhz
107 X 43 X 11.2 mm: Super Slim Size
1.3M Pixel CMOS Camera/Camcorder Functions
Built-in MP3/MP4 Player Functions
1.9" 260K Color TFT LCD Screen
SMS, MMS, WAP Support
64 Polyphonic Sound
Embedded NAND Memory 64MB /
Extended T-Flash Slot Support
Speaker Phones
3 built-in Games
Image Editor, Ring tone Composer
Organizer, World Clocks, Calendar, To-do List,
Stopwatch, Health Check, Phone Book, etc
Accessories: Handset, Battery, Travel Charger,

Stereo Ear Piece, USB Cable, Manual

Work with Cingular or T-mobile or any GSM carriers in Americas

Note: Internet functions vary with service


What's in the box: Handset, Battery, Travel Charger, Stereo Ear Piece, USB Cable, Manual.

Intro: I had a chance to review Lattefone latest GSM phone Latte Slim 11B. The Slim 11B is a stylish thin candybar type handset. Here we take a look at the Latte Slim 11B phone.







Design: The first thing I noticed when opening the box was just how small the phone is. It is one of the smallest phone that I have seen. Even smaller and thinner than the Motorola L7. Which is saying a lot! The Slim 11B phone has a similar Metal etch keypad as the Motorolla SLVR/Razr. The Slim 11B comes in Silver that oozes style and attractiveness.

Function: The Latte Slim 11B features a 1.9" 260K Color TFT LCD Screen, 1.3 MP Camera with Video Recording, 64mb of built memory with Tranflash Slot for additional memory, MP3/MP4 Multimedia functions, and more…

Performance: Phone calls perform well using Cingular' service. But will depend on your coverage area. Video playback is excellent on this handset. Keep in mind that the screen is small so its most useful for short films, music videos and trailers. The stereo speaker was even louder than my Cowon A2 pmp. And MP3 playback was equally as good rivaling dedicated MP3 Players. The 1.3MP camera on back of unit is comparable to other cell phone cameras. And the phone also has unlimited video recording.

GSM: The phone will come unlocked which is a major plus and will work with most GSM carriers such as Cingular and T-Mobile.


Menu: The menu was pretty straight forward. D-pad for moving up and down and then clicking ok and back to go forward or back. Very easy to navigate which is plus.

Adding Music/Photos: The Lattefone Slim 11b has 64mb built in memory to get you started. Also has a Transflash/MicroSD slot for added space. Unlike other phones The Slim 11b truly makes it easy to uploads songs to the phone. Simply drag/drop your photos and mp3s into the correct folder.




Conclusion: While Latte Communications is not a household name just yet. They certainly make solid phones that perform well and have quite a few features. If you are looking for a nicely designed phone thats ultra thin then you will not find better than the Latte Slim 11b.

On sale now for $199(Regular price $399). Buy it now at LatteZone found HERE

Company info: Founded in 2004, Latte Communications, Inc."Latte" is a US based corporation located in Silicon Valley, CA. Latte was established as an alliance of two firms, a distribution and wholesale company for wireless communication equipment and devices and a trading company for consumer electronics. Latte's main business focus is to market high-quality GSM phones to the US market under its trademarked corporate brand "Latte Fone". The company also introduces high-quality GSM phones from Korean and Chinese manufacturers under their brand names capitalizing on Latte's unique sales channel, branding strategy and marketing process.


Be on the lookout for a new upcoming phone coming out soon from Lattefone called Neon7.

Rating 9.1 out of 10

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