Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Griffin Technology reflect Mirrored Chrome-Finish Case Review

Review by K.C. Kim

Tough protection that reflects well on you.

Reflect cases are durable polycarbonate shells that present a seamless, mirrored-chrome reflective face to the world -- until you wake up your player, and the bright, clear screen shows through the chrome as if by magic.

Reflect's matte black rubberized case back visually complements the chrome, and gives you a sure grip. Now available in sizes for 2nd generation Ipod nano and Ipod video (with 2 separate backs for the 30GB and 60/80GB sizes).

Intro: Once again Griffin Technology is the leader in Ipod accessories. Bringing products that are both stylish and unique.

Design: The front is a beautiful mirror chrome reflective finish. It looks like a pocket size mirror until you turn on your Ipod. Then the bright Ipod screen appears from underneath. Very cool and a definite attention getter. The back is made of black rubberized material. It adds a nice grip as well as being less prone to scratching.

Function: The case opens using a quarter to twist it open. This is both good and bad. It is a tad tough to open and closed. But once the Ipod is inside it feels very secure and won’t pop open like other cases. The materials used feel like quality and very durable. And the black rubberized back provides a good grip.

Conclusion: The reflect case is by far the best-looking Ipod case available. Guys will love the chrome finish and girls will love the mirror reflect magic. It is really a case that appeals to everyone. If I had to pick just one case to protect my Ipod Video of all the Ipod cases available I would have to take the Griffin Technology’s reflect case.

9.7 out 10

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