Monday, June 13, 2011

Gelaskin for Original Ipod Nano Review

Price $14.95
Reviewed by K.C. Kim

GelaSkins for the iPod Nano provide low-profile scratch protection with photo quality graphics. Using the same technology as the automotive customization industry, GelaSkins protect your iPod from scratches without adding the bulk of other cases. Every GelaSkin comes with a great screen protector to keep your display looking like new. Pick any 3 skins and we'll give you 1 for free. Enjoy...

GelaSkins fit the colorful new Nanos (2, 4, 8 Gb) as well as the original black and white Nanos (1, 2, 4 Gb).

5 reasons why should get a Gelaskin –

1. Your Ipod is not looking so great with scratches all over.
2. You bought the unit second hand and there’s an engraving on the back
3. You want something different than the normal black/white Ipods
4. You want to protect your Ipod from scratches
5. It’s just cool


This is my reasoning behind me owning my very own Gelaskin to apply to my 1st Gen Ipod Nano. I chose I Can't Get Them Out Of My Mind by Brandt Peters skin. I liked the design as well as it being completely different from the norm.

Application –
The application process was pretty much straight forward. Remove it from the packaging. Find a good place in the home to apply the skin (A bathroom for example). First try to remove any dust or grime that is on the Ipod with a cloth. Second apply the screen protector. Then apply the front face skins first, which consist of the base, scroll wheel, and middle button. Aligned them correctly. Once that is done. Simply install the one piece back skin and your done. Should take only a couple of minutes total.

Gelaskins are a work of art. You can choose from of wide variety of styles created by artists worldwide. They are made of the highest quality premium vinyl material with photo-quality graphics and add an almost complete protection to your Ipod from scratches. If you want to give your Ipod a new look, style, and protection look no further than the Gelaskins.

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Rating 9.2 out of 10

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