Wednesday, June 22, 2011

CleanDR Refresh Wipes for Electronics Review

Reviewed by K.C. Kim

Fresh Wipes

Pull out a wipe to quickly and conveniently clean all types of electronics.

* 70 non-abrasive wipes
* Light, clean scent
* Perfect for cleaning electronics such as computers, monitors, keyboards, mice, phone, PDA and MP3 players, game systems and much more!

Intro: I hate bought some kitchen wipes and thought why can’t there be something similar for Electronics. Something you can wipe off your gadget and throw away in the trash. Fortunately clean DR Refresh Wipes for Electronics has come along.

Included are 70 Scented wipes slightly damp. Remove one of the wipes and clean your computer, pda, cell phone, mp3 player and more with no worries. I have spent time cleaning all my electronics and now they look like new. This is much more convenient than a cleaning cloth. As after a while that cleaning cloth gets dirty and you end up having to clean it.

Conclusion: If you want your gadgets in pristine condition then please consider getting the clean DR Refresh Wipes. At just $5.99 they are a good value and very convenient.

8.9 out 10

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