Monday, June 13, 2011

Brando WorkShop Sony PSP Clip Case Review


Reviewed by K.C. Kim

Brando WorkShop Sony PSP Clip Case
* Deluxe leather case for Sony PSP - Stylish, Protective, Slim, Compact and Light.

* Cutouts give easy to access all buttons, MS Duo slot and UMD without removing the PSP from the case, also 1 * Spare UMD Slot also available.

Model: Sony PSP

Case Model : Side Open with hand strap.

Price: HK$220.00, US$32.00

The Sony PSP is a high value item at over two hundred dollars. And third party companies have been quick to produce accessories for it. One in particular accessory that is most wanted after buying the Sony PSP is a good case to protect it from damage. The included case from Sony just doesn't cut it and does more harm than good.

Brando is well known for their quality products. Particularly their cases. Here I review the Brando WorkShop Sony PSP Clip Case.

The Brando Workshop Sony PSP Clip Case comes in black smooth leather with white stiching to off set the black. It is a simple design that would appeal to the older. Not flashy more buisnesslike.


The PSP clips into place with clear plastic holding it on the top and the bottom as you can see.


The Clip Case also has 2 Memory Card slots and 3 buisness card slots.


The case closes using a strong magnet closure snap. Unlike velcro the magnet snap hold strong and secure and will never wear down.

The Brando WorkShop Sony PSP Clip Case is one of the best leather cases available for the PSP. Well worth the price in my opinion. Rating 8 out 10.

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