Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fortte Cingular 8525, HTC Hermes TyTN, JasJam Book Model Leather Case Review

Reviewed by K.C. Kim

# Fits Cingular 8525

# Access to all side controls

# 1 expansion card slot

# 1 Credit Card Slot

# 1 ID Slot (Transparent Vinyl)

# Premium Full Grain Leather

Without Belt Clip

Intro: I have been meaning to get a case for my Cingular 8525 for awhile now. And when giving a chance at reviewing the Fortte 8525 leather case I jumped on the chance. So here is my review of the Cingular 8525, HTC Hermes TyTN, JasJam Book Model case.

Installation of phone: This took abit of figuring out. First you have to take the two pieces of clear vinyl open up the slider and try to slide it through. The right side was no problem since there was a bit of space between the keyboard bottom and the LCD top. On the left side I had a bit more difficulty, as the space was very little. After a couple of tries I managed to get the clear vinyl out the other end. Then attach the plastic loops to the metal buttons on the back to keep the phone from moving. Now your phone is secure in the case. For full instructions please visit

Design: I am a big fan of Book Type cases and the Fortte 8525 case is no exception. With quality black leather with black stitching this is one of the better looking cases out there for the 8525. The Fortte logo on the front of the case also adds a bit of class to it all.

Function: What’s great about this case is you can use all the functions of the phone inside the case. There is a cutout on the back of phone so you can use the camera, the qwerty keyboard slider still works and all the buttons and access controls are still useable while the phone is inside the case. Also there is room for an expansion card, credit card, and ID card.

Conclusion: Overall a very nice looking case that should provide a good amount of protection. If you want to use all the functions of the Cingular 8525 while still inside the case and want style and durability then the Fortte Cingular 8525, HTC Hermes TyTN, JasJam Book Model Leather Case might be right for.

8.5 out of 10

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