Wednesday, June 22, 2011

TrueTip Stylus Starter Kit Review

Reviewed by K.C. Kim
Price: $9.99

Would you like to try both of our soft tipped styli for your touch screen device? Then try our starter kit with soft tip for touch screens. Get 2 finger styli and 2 pen cap styli with our soft caps affixed and ready for your cell phone, point of sale (POS) system touch screen voting system, or GPS touch screen. The soft tip adds a nice firm connection to a touch screen. If you need to write or drag with your stylus, we suggest ordering one of our styli without an SVT.

Included: Included in the Starter Kit is two finger stylus as well as two pen cap stylus that you can put on any normal pen to make a full size stylus. Also included was two Snugger Foam(Sold separately) inserts that attach to the finger stylus for those with narrow fingers.

Intro: I have been looking for an alternate method of input other than the good old stylus. While I was surfing the net I came upon the website TrueTip which sell the innovative product “Finger Stylus”. An interesting stylus that fits on your finger. This is pure genius as I use my finger more often than not to navigate my touch screen PDAs, UMPCs, and Smartphones.

Design: Truetip stylus is made of hard plastic with a plastic tip (Soft tips available sold separately) and comes in a variety of colors. Initially the finger stylus was too large for my finger but after I attach the snugger foam insert to the finger stylus it fits perfect and very comfortable. The pen cap as the name tells is a simple cap for a regular pen with a stylus plastic tip.

Function: The first thing I thought of using the finger stylus was with my Asus R2H UMPC. It just make sense to pair the Truetip Finger Stylus with a UMPC as they were meant for finger typing with the virtual dial keys touchscreen keyboard. This worked out quite well and infact was a better experience than using the stock stylus. Next I tried the styluses on my Pocket PC Phone (Cingular 8525). I really like the feel of a full size stylus that the Pen Cap Stylus offers. The stock stylus that came with the phone is kinda small and the Pen Cap Stylus feels like your just writing with a normal pen. I was also impressed with how accurate these styluses were.

Conclusion: At just 10 bucks the TrueTip Stylus Starter Kit offers a nice value and versatility as you can use the stylus with a wide variety of touch screen electronics. After using the Truetip Finger and Pen cap styluses for just one week I have to say that I may never go back to using stock styluses again!

9.5 out of 10

To purchase this item head over to Truetip website found HERE

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