Monday, June 13, 2011

LED Ear Light Review


Price $5.95

Reviewed by K.C. Kim

I recently purchased a Sony Reader and while the product is great it lack one key thing and that was a light to read in the dark. Fortunately I was a member of MobileRead forums and happen upon a thread about alternative backlights. The product most talk about was an Ear Light. After browsing a few tech blogs I happen to stumble on House of Rave's website where I found their product the LED Ear Light for amazingly cheap $5.95. After a couple of emails I have one in hand for hands on review.


The Ear Light is made of a hard silver plastic. It slips nicely onto the right ear. Once correctly in place I found little to no discomfort even wearing the device for long periods of time. The Ear Light can also be titled up and down to point to what you are looking at. The led on the Ear Light was very bright and offers a even amount of light through out.


Uses - I found several uses for this device. First of course a booklight for my Sony Reader. I also use this for reading regular paperbacks where there wasn't a light source. You can also use the Ear Light as an emergency light during blackouts which happens on occasion where I live. I also found it useful for places with little light source such as the basement or garage. And on one occurence I use the Earlight to see the screws that I was drilling on a fence that broke down after a thunderstorm.

At this price I would buy two or three of these to have around the house. It has so many uses and performs well. Rating 9.5 out of 10

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