Friday, May 09, 2008 - A Great Place for Search

I read on Digital point all the time of the next Google Killer. Most of the time it’s just someone trying to promote his or her own search engine. But truthfully there is only one Google. So if you want make a search engine that gets noticed don’t just copy the market leader.

Spock is one such search engine. It’s not just like Google. It’s actually very different and unique on it’s own. Its niche is people finder niche. You can search for celebrities, sports stars, famous people, or just any name and Spock will search for that person’s name on the net. You can even search by tag such as a description like. Real Estate Agent, blind, curly hair, etc.

I did a search for the presidential candidate Barack Obama. The first link was about Obama. The page gave me details of Barack Obama in the news, websites about Obama, and also other results around the web. This would be quite useful for students who are researching a particular well-known person.

From the Barack page was a reference to related people which came up such people as Oprah Winfrey, Michell Obama, and Hillary Clinton. Next I clicked on Hillary Clinton’s page. And the Clinton page came up with just as much detail.

So next time you want to surf the web for a particular person then head over to - A Great Place for Search

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