Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Why Craigslist Is Good For Collectors

Craigslist is a very good source for those into collecting items, such as baseball cards and antiques, for many reasons. While it can't directly compete with eBay in this department, it does provide a better atmosphere for collectors to acquire new items.

For example, unlike eBay, you will probably be able to physically view your item (in person) before having to purchase it. With eBay, you have to bid on the item or purchase the item before you can have physical access to it. By doing this, you will be able to confirm that the item is in its expected condition and you will not be surprised when your item arrives in the mail damaged.

Another reason for why Craigslist is good for collectors is that the collector can purchase the item in person. Just like the previously mentioned reason, you aren't guaranteed an item by paying for it online. On the other hand, if you pay the owner personally with cash, you can be guaranteed that you will receive your item. Otherwise, you can pursue a civil suit, which is quite hard to do with an online based case.

Finally, just remember that most of the people who list these items on Craigslist are fully aware of their value and importance to a collector. This will work in your advantage.

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