Saturday, May 10, 2008

Carl Freer interviewed by

Trevor over at Gizmondo Forums has gotten some more info on the new handheld from controversial company Gizmondo. Carl Freer the man who is trying to resurrect the company gave some more tidbits on the new handheld and the strategy to live up to some of the things they promised before. From the Q&A this is what information we got.

As we've just read we have found out this much...
  • Gizmondo due out end of the year
  • WIN CE 6.0 based OS Wince 6.0 wiki information
  • new GFX chip
  • It will be open platform with an SDK available
  • They will be hounding the developer community for support before release so anyone out there who fancies working on a project on the Gizmondo be ready to get in touch
  • return of gizmondo games from the past
  • old gizmondos to be revived
  • to make a return

via GizmondoForums
via Engadget

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