Friday, May 02, 2008

I have been blogging for over three years now. And it's been long tiresome hours of blogging at all times of day. While it's fun to do you can also make some money from it. Places like digital point are great to discuss such as matters. In the past I did not know alot of things on making money but these past months I have learn a lot of things like affiliate marketing, Adsense and SEO at DP.

I have discovered a CPA website. CPA stands for Cost per Acquisition or Cost per Action. Clickbooth is that website. They are a affiliate marketing program that shares revenue with the advertiser and publisher. So advertisers set the leads and publishers must meet them. This is where the CPA comes it. You make money from visitors who click and do a certain task such as inputting email address or zip codes to purchasing a product.

So with that being said why not giving Clickbooth Publisher Network a try and make money like the big blogs do. Signup today and make loads of money in no time. And Clickbooth can help you make that money. These are a great opportunity for both publishers of blogs and sites and advertisers.

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