Friday, May 30, 2008

Father's Day Gifts

Father's Day is coming up not so far in the distant future. And we need to think of gifts to give to our fathers. A place I know of that you may not know of is They have a wide selection of great gifts for Dad. You can get him a simple arrangement of flowers or plants. Great for Dad's who enjoy gardening. I especially like the Martha Stewart Lotu Pod plant. Maybe he enjoys golf then Dad's Hole in One basket of cookies might do. If he is a meat and cheese kind of guy get him the John Deere Ole Dad basket. Or if he has a sweet tooth then maybe Bourbon & Whiskey Fudge is what he's after. Or maybe he's a bit stressed and what some Zen like treatment. Then he might get a kick out of the Juniper Bonsai.

Like I said has such a great assortment of Father's Day Gifts . Something for all types of Dad's. And I am sure he will like it more than say a tie or golf ball that he gets every year. And I know that Father's Day doesn't get a much love as Mother's Day. So make this year the best Father's Day yet.

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