Sunday, October 04, 2009

Savvy Caddy SC-24 Slim Wallet Review

I was looking for a wallet that can carry a lot of credit & business cards without being too bulky. I came upon the Savvy Caddy searching Google. It was exactly what I wanted. A case that is thin yet can fit a whole bunch.

The Savvy Caddy is slightly larger than your average wallet. But it is super thin that it won't create an uneven backside. Also the material they use it soft and flexible. The exterior is genuine leather that feels very nice. The Savvy Caddy comes in a nice box with a wooden top. The presentation is great for gift giving.

The problem I had with leather wallets before was that I couldn't fit that many cards into the slot. I would try to stack 3-4 cards into one slot. That creating a huge problem. With every credit card I put in the wallet it kept on making the wallet larger and larger. This also created a thick fat wallet that is very unappealing. In addition the wallet wasn't very secure as the slot expanded and the cards would fall out. But with the Savvy Caddy wallet all these problems are solved. First the wallet has enough space for all your credit cards, business cards, discount cards, and membership cards. You can fit an amazing 24 cards into the Savvy Caddy. Since the wallet is flexible, the Savvy Caddy moves with you. Throw the Savvy Caddy into your Dockers back pocket and be ready to go anywhere with comfort.

The Savvy Caddy should be an every day carry for all business men and the everyday man. The wallet would make a perfect gift for dads, friends, boyfriends, and anyone else you think deserves a luxury wallet.

9.5 Out of 10

Buy the Savvy Caddy in SC 24 HERE

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