Sunday, October 18, 2009

Rogue Wallet Black Satin Leather Review

I was looking for a front pocket wallet that can provide a slim fit. The Rogue Wallet was made for me. This wallet is a front pocket wallet that is specially shape to fit in your front pocket. The Rogue Wallet comes in many designs but I chose the tried and true Black Rogue wallet.

The Rogue Wallet is a slim bi-fold wallet. It is shape exactly like your front pocket. So the Rogue Wallet slides flat into the pocket with no bulge. I normally use a regular wallet in my front pocket and find that is it always noticeable. The Rogue Wallet will not have a problem with big wallets since its special shape and thinness.

On the left side you will find three credit card slots and an interior slot. On the right side you will find an ID slot for your license. And finally one large cash slot for all your money.

The wallet is made of high quality Satin Leather. It feels nice to the touch and comfortable in the pocket.

The Rogue Wallet is great for travelers. Since the wallet is in the front pocket it's less likely to fall out or be stolen. The wallet is also very attractive and thin. The cool design also is very attractive. I highly recommend the Rogue Wallet for those who want a minimalist wallet.

9.2 Out of 10

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