Tuesday, October 13, 2009

J.Fold V-Twelve - Black (Brown Interior) Wallet Review

Reviewed by K.C. Kim

Every guy is looking for the perfect wallet to carry around. Yet most styles are boring and bulky. The J.Fold Wallet on around have great designs and functions. Also they use the highest quality of leather for their wallets.

The model I chose to review was the V-Twelve Black with Brown Interior. There are variations on the model if you prefer a different color.

What immediately caught my eye was the metal gift box it comes in. The perfect gift for Dad, brother, or boyfriend this holiday season.

When I opened the box I found a nice looking wallet that was perfect for every day carrying. The wallet has a very fresh design. With the front having a unique design. The interior has a rich brown color that offsets the black nicely. You can see the attention to detail. The Bi-fold wallet has 1 cash pocket, 8 credit card slots, and 2 smaller interior pockets.

Finally the V-Twelve is slim that it slides perfectly into your front or rear pocket. The wallet falls flat into the pocket without any bulge. Also walking around, I didn't even notice that I have a wallet on me.

Already a favorite amongst celebrities, J.Fold is quickly rising to the top of all wallets for fashionable men. At $67 the J.Fold isn’t the cheapest wallet you will find. But it certainly is one of the best values in terms of quality, comfort, style and design. This wallet is built to last and makes a statement every time you pull out the wallet.

10 Out of 10

$67 Buy

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