Monday, October 05, 2009

TVclean Review

Combo pack includes the revolutionary TVclean with one adhesive roll to permanently trap dust and one Microfiber Ecowipe to remove any grease and smudges.

In the box:

1 x TVclean roller unit
1 x Pre sheeted adhesive roll refill
1 x Microfiber Ecowipe

I got a chance to check out the TVclean product. This new screen cleaning device uses a non solvent way of cleaning that big screen plasma TV. Finally a great way to clean that big screen TV.

The TVclean is very simple to use. One side of the device has a blue roller. This side rolls on to your TV screen. The second side has adhesive tape. Once you roll the blue side onto your TV, the adhesive side catching all the dust particles. You can see all the filth is remove on the TV. And finally rip a section of the adhesive tape until you see brand new tape that can be use for next time. Also included is a free large microfiber cloth that can remove any remaining dust.

TV clean really works! I am surprise at how easy and effective it is. In addition there is zero risk of damaging your big screen TV. If you need to clean your dusty tv then give TVclean a try.

10 Out of 10

Purchase the TVclean combo pack now for £24.99 HERE
And USA buyers can purchase the TVclean combo pack for $49.99 HERE

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