Friday, April 24, 2009

Sima Atomic Wrist Watch Review

Reviewed by K.C. Kim
Supplier ThinkGeek
Price $29.99

I have never been much of a watch person. I usually carry around a cell phone with me which i look at when i want to know the time. But after a while that became repetitive and i was looking for a watch that combines good looks as well ease of use. Thats when i found the Atomic Wrist Watch from Thinkgeek, a watch that sets its time automatically receiving a radio signal from the Cesium atomic clock.

Design: The Sima watch comes in black with silver accents. And i have to say the watch looks good and will appeal to those who want a simplistic design yet functional automatic performance. The watch is made of plastic but has an almost rubber feeling to the outer coating. The watch is definately solidly built and feels like an expensive watch.

Function: It sets the time inself by recieving signals from the atomic clock. What more can you ask for in a watch than that. It is also is water-resistant, adjusts automatically for Daylight Savings, has a backlight, and has two alarms.

Conclusion: For $29.99 you getting an excellent watch that can tell time accurately. No more no less.

10 out of 10

Simple to use
Adjusts to Daylight Saving automatically


You can purchase your own Sima Atomic Wrist Watch at

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