Friday, April 24, 2009

Logitech® Noise Canceling Headphones Review

Reviewed by K.C. Kim


Cancel out distractions and escape with your music.

With SilentSound™ high-parametric noise canceling technology and custom-fit ear cushions, Logitech's Noise Canceling Headphones reduce outside distractions so you can enjoy each word and every note. Large 40mm neodymium drivers produce crisp, dynamic sound when you're in the mood for music, while the detachable audio cable allows you to create a quiet environment when you're not. Perfect for travel, the Noise Canceling Headphones also include an adapter for airplane audio systems and a protective carrying case so you can stow them in your carry-on.

* Reduce unwanted noise. Logitech's SilentSound™ technology offers excellent noise reduction over a broad frequency range.
* Listen in luxury. Over-the-ear cushions help seal out ambient noise, enhancing your overall comfort. The padded headband provides a adjustable fit.
* Create a whisper-quiet environment. Detach the audio cable for noise reduction—even when you´re not listening to music
* Take them with you. Fold them flat and pop them into the included carrying case.
* Use them on the plane and at home. An adapter for airplane audio systems is included, or use them with your PC, CD, or MP3 player.

System Requirements
For use with MP3 digital audio players, CD players and other music devices with a standard 3.5mm stereo audio output

For use on major airines (with included airplane adapter)

Package Contents
• Logitech Noise Canceling Headphones
• Dual-plug airplane adapter
• Premium carrying case
• 1 AAA battery
• Quick Start Guide
• 2-year limited warranty

Logitech Noise Canceling $149.99
Plane Quiet Solitude $199.99
Bose QuietComfort 2 $299.99
Bose QuietComfort 3 $349.99

Logitech has been known as an accessories company. And they do makes so great ones (I own several of them so I should know). They continue to expand there product line and put other companies on notice that there not afraid to take on the market leaders namely Bose in this case.

Price – The Logitech noise canceling headphones will run you $149.99 and is about half the price of the Bose Quietcomfort 2 while giving you about same things included with it.

Included - The Logitech Noise Canceling Headphones comes with a nice amount of extras. First it includes is a very nice hard case to store the headphones when not in use as well having a 5 feet removable audio cable, AAA battery, and airplane adapter.

Design – First off I like Logitech’s simplistic yet striking black/gray look, which gives it a modern stylistic look to it. The cushioned earcups are nice and big (some say too big) and fit nice and secure. The earcups lay flat for easy storage in the provided case. And when in use you just twist the earcups and your ready to put them on.

Do they work – Just putting on the headphone will greatly reduced the noise levels in the room. Once you flip the switch almost all ambient noise is gone. So the phones definitely do what there supposed to do. And music over all using the headphones was pretty solid. I listened to all kinds of different types of music on the headphones and found it to be a pleasant experience.

Conclusion – While Logitech’s offering wont unseat the king of noise canceling just yet, they do offer up a cheaper alternative and I do want to see Logitech continue to revise this model like Bose does with the Quietcomfort line refining the issues and releasing newer revisions. With that being said I would definitely recommend this headphones to anyone who’s interested in a good pair of noise canceling headphones.

4 out of 5

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