Friday, April 10, 2009

The return of CompUSA stores

Looks like CompUSA is trying to make a comeback after bankruptcy. One very different change from before is internet access. Shoppers are now encourage to use computers in store to check prices, product reviews, and browse the Internet. Systemax's Technology Products chief Gilbert Fiorentino confirmed 30 new CompUSA stores with every computer having internet connection. The approach is similar to Apple Store's and quite different from Best Buy's policy.

Systemax who owns TigerDirect promises to have consistent pricing across it's various sites and brands. In addition the company is to cut overhead and have lower prices.

Not sure it's the best time to start building more retail stores with the economy the way it is. But Best Buy being the only game in town, it is welcome to see someone else in this space to keep prices down for consumers.

via Electronista

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