Friday, April 24, 2009

Pacific Design Sony PSP Gaming Flip Case Review

Manufacture: Pacific Design
Official Site:
Reviewed by K.C. Kim

One day when I was browsing I read news of a new case for the Sony PSP from Pacific Design. Instantly when I reached the official site for the case I thought I must review this product. I contacted Pacific Design and luckily received a review unit.

The cases come in your choice of colors (Black with Burnt Red, Black with Bright Blue, Gray with Orange, and Gray with Yellow.) I chose Black with Burnt Red. I wanted something different from the ordinary black cases that I had laying around. It’s definitely great to have choices.

When I first open the UPS package I could smell the distinct smell of leather. Even though its made of polyurethane I swear the look, feel, and smell can fool everyone to thinking its made out of high grade leather. With the black and red colors and leather like feel the case almost has an expensive Air Jordan’s appeal to it.

Overall if you are looking for a fine looking case that is slim, functional, and well made look no further than the Sony PSP Flip Case by Pacific Design

High quality feel
Storage for UMD
Can play PSP in case

Doesn’t protect entire PSP (sides)
Leave openings for possible dust
Lack of room for accessories

9.2 out of 10

For more information on this product and other Pacific Design products please click HERE

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