Friday, April 24, 2009

Reveal Watch Review

Reviewed by K.C. Kim
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$80 ultra- soft black leather band.
$95 with black mesh band
$80 NEW Hot Reveal With ultra- soft orange leather band.

Designed by: Daniel Will-Harris
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I am always on the lookout for unique products to review. When I stumble upon I knew I had to review one of their products. I instantly knew the watch I wanted to review was the “Reveal Watch.”

The Reveal Watch is particularly unique as its is a unisex watch (for both men and women) that is a digital watch with an analog format along with a special way to display the present time.

Design – Ever since I saw the Movado museum watch I was intrigue by the Art of a watch. Only the Movado watch compromises function for design. The Reveal watch is a nice balance of the two. A work of art yet completely functional as a watch.

Function – Simple is back in a big way. In today’s climate companies seem to make products that does everything but nothing particular well. The Reveal watch does not have a bunch of bells and whistles. But it does its job where it counts telling time and looking good on your wrist.

How does it work – So what’s so unique about it? Well the Reveal watch uses a special rotating disc that only reveals the hour and minute which would be displayed in white while the rest is cover up by the black disc.

Unisex – The Reveal watch is the perfect mid-sized watch for both men and women. The face of the watch is not too big for women to wear and not too small for men to wear. And the adjustable leather band strap makes sure it’s always a perfect fit for any size wrist.

Price - The best part is the price. At under $100 this watch is perfect for anyone who wants a quality watch that balances design with function in a classy dressy style perfect for when your going out for dinner, at a meeting or just wearing out.
$80 ultra- soft black leather band.
$95 with black mesh band
$80 NEW Hot Reveal With ultra- soft orange leather band.

Conclusion – The Reveal watch is a beautiful watch that I would recommend to anyone. The price, style, and uniqueness makes this a must buy!

Rating – 10 out of 10

Reveal is the work of computer graphics pioneer Daniel Will-Harris. Company info: PROJECTS, a division of The Markuse Corporation.

For 20 years The Markuse Corporation has dedicated itself to celebrating the role architecture and design play in our daily lives. Our purpose has been to raise the collective consciousness of design, regardless of what form it may take: watches, alarm clocks, wall clocks, mailboxes, weathervanes, house numbers, bath accessories or homewares.

For 15 years, President Jack Markuse acted as ALESSI's exclusive US Distributor, dedicating himself to offering the finest and most innovative home products to the US Market. More info can be found here

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