Friday, April 24, 2009

HardBody PSP Daily Case Review

Reviewed by K.C. Kim

Specs –
• xEVA outer shell with patent pvc design
• Water-resistant zipper with 2 pulls containing rubber SLAPPA logo grips
• Storage divider with 2 cargo net storage pockets (ideal for storing 2 Universal Media Discs)
• Cargo net storage pocket inside the case cover (ideal for storing headphones and remote control)
• Xtra-wide elastic band for ultra-secure PSP storage
• D-ring with removable carabineer clip for EZ transport
• Adjustable Velcro storage strap for multiple transport options

Case: 4" (w), 7.5"(h), 2"(d )

Intro: The number one requirement after purchasing the Sony Playstation Portable has to be a nice case to protect it for everyday use. Let's face it the Sony PSP is not the most rugged electronic around and must be handled with care. While the PSP does include a soft case that many like to call a sock with Sony logo emblazoned on it. The truth of the matter is the PSP soft case is just not going to offer enough protection. Fortunately there is a wide array of of cases available from third party manufactures. Here I will take a look at the SLAPPA HardBody PSP Daily Case.

Function: The Slappa case is a closed style case that can carry your Sony PSP, two UMDs, as well as your other accessories such as earphones, extra batteries etc. While protecting the PSP the Slappa case also provides a level of protection of dust as no dirt or grime will get in when you zip up the case. The only negative side to a case like this is that you can not play the psp inside the case. This might be a deal breaker for some but I find that the playing a psp inside a case leaves out a lot to be desired.

Design: The Slappa HardBody case feels nice in hand as well as having a stylistic look in pure black with a shiny Slappa front logo.

Conclusion – The Slappa case looks like an Aero case on ROIDS. While the Aero case has a similar outer look the Slappa case shines in terms of space. Try sticking any accessories into the Aero case and you will have a hard time closing the unit. This is not a problem with the Slappa HardBody case. Overall if your looking for a case that does everything well and wont cost you a lot the Slappa HardBody case may be for you.

Maximum Protection
Can withstand short falls
Dust proof

Larger than average size
Average Style
Cant play PSP inside case

9.5 out of 10

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