Monday, October 06, 2008 reviews the Acer Aspire One

Over at UMPC Portal Chippy has reviewed the Acer Aspire One. His main problem with the netbook was the poor battery life.

Read his final thoughts:

The Aspire One feels like a well designed product and a pretty good start into the netbook arena for Acer. Unfortunately, there is so much competition out there right now that it seems like there might be better alternatives. When it comes down to it, the battery life is the deal breaker. The Aspire One is an attractive netbook with a great keyboard, and all the ports/features you would expect, unfortunately there are similar devices out there that can get better battery life. I still think the Aspire One is a great deal for $450, and would work great for someone who is purchasing it because of its low cost and not for mobility. Additionally, the (current) lack of 3G and Bluetooth may cause mobile warriors to start looking for a new netbook that better suits their needs.

And full review HERE

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