Thursday, October 16, 2008

HP Touchscreen Laptops, Netbook on the way

The Wall Street Journal is reporting on HP future that will encompass touchscreen notebooks, netbooks, as well as touchscreen cell phones.

HP is banking on touchscreen notebooks that will be available by years end. It will include special HP software that will support touchscreens. HP began it's touchscreen strategy with the desktop computer TouchSmart. And it's new line of notebooks and cell phones with touchscreen technology will set itself apart fromt he likes of Dell.

HP is planning to release a 10inch netbook by the end of the year according to WSJ. Netbooks have been all the craze and Acer and Asus has been creeping up on #1 HP due to the fact of these cheap mini laptops.

Finally HP is working on touchscreen cell phones with one launching this year in Europe while we in the U.S. will have to wait til sometime next year.

via the Wall Street Journal

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