Sunday, October 26, 2008

Dell Inspiron Mini 12 reviewed

Dell Mini 12 has now become official and APCMag got an exclusive review of this new Netbook.

The Inspiron Mini 12 isn’t set to please everyone. Some will slam its price tag as being too high for a netbook, and ask why you wouldn’t buy a ‘real’ notebook for that price. Others will decry the presence of Windows Vista and the 1GB memory limit, either on their own or as a pair. And we expect the battery life to raise some eyebrows and lower some credit cards.

Yet I can think of plenty of mainstream users – typically the family, friends and workmates of many APC readers – for whom this $999 netbook will really hit the sweet spot by blurring the conventional boundary of form factor and blowing apart the long-standing sub-note barrier of price.

Check out their full review HERE

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