Monday, October 06, 2008 is a online shop for all your latest mobile phones. They offer the latest cell phones such as the iPhone, HTC Touch Pro, Nokia N96 and more. Providing worldwide shipping so those who don't have access to these phones in their home country can now purchase the latest and greatest in mobile cell phones. Grakomindo is one of the largest mobile phone retailers in Indonesia. They have cell phones that are not available even here in the U.S. Such as the O2 Flame, 02 Atom Life, and Eten X800. You even find unlocked phones that are not locked into a specific carrier.

You can shop by all major cell phone brands on the market. Grakomindo also has a selection of mobile content such as a wealth of games you can download to your phone. Cheapest prices, phones you can't get such as the 3G iPhone are available here for the low prices. Here you can find all the latest in new technology with rare cell phones as well. Privacy matters and Grakomindo respects your personal information. They also use encryption technology to make sure your information stays safe. Don't miss out and check out all the great cell phones at

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