Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Pleo update now available

New features:

  • Pleo's attitude and emotions change based on how you interact with him. A happy Pleo is one who receives a lot of attention while a sad Pleo is one who is neglected or abused.
  • Pleo has learned a new trick - he knows how to sit! Try holding his chin and rear at the same time. He'll then pull his front and back feet together. Give him a nudge back; don't forget to help him up when you want to keep playing.
  • Petting Pleo on his chin for a long period of time will coax him to sing a variety of melodies, after which he will remember the song he stopped on and may use it for other things such as calling for attention.
  • Pleo may occasionally get sick - coughing and sneezing! Can you nurse him back to health? by giving him lots of love and attention and feeding him his leaf.
  • Pleo has been picking up some strange habits as of late too - we've seen itchy feet and excessive chewing. What's your Pleo up to?
via PleoWorld

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