Monday, April 28, 2008

Things to do while you wait for GTA IV to be released

Tomorrow is the day Grand Theft Auto 4 is released so this post is all about gaming. If you want to passed the time until tomorrow why not try some online games like Bowling Alley Defense and Moss Flash Game. Basic games that a lot of fun. Time just fly by playing these online games.

Also you might want to update your myspace page with some great Myspace Games. I played them all and their very addictive. All your friends will like them as well. So update your myspace page with these great games. All code is provided just copy and paste them.

And now back to Grand Theft Auto 4, I'm a cheapskate gamer so I can't afford to buy the game. Renting it at Blockbuster and Hollywood Video is out of the question because they have so limited quantities and it cost like $5 to rent a game for only a couple of days. That's why I plan to Rent Video Games Online at Gamefly. Gamefly has both the PS3 and Xbox 360 version of GTA IV available once it is released. And their monthly fees are less than renting games at a rental store for a couple of days.

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