Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Coupon Codes Mall Review

In this Coupon Codes Mall Review I take a look at a new site that is dedicated to finding us great deals and coupons. Now I have to tell you I am all over coupons. I frequent many websites to save money. I mean who doesn’t want deep discounts I products we already plan on purchasing. Coupon Codes Malls take the easy out of finding all the best online discounts. They provide daily coupons from all major sites.

You can search for coupons at over 20,000 stores using their search function. You can also find a list of Top coupons. The site is also a resource for Amazon coupon codes.

Another nice section of Coupons Codes Mall is the Godaddy Coupon codes. I use godaddy for several of my blogs so I can definitely use these coupons. As I have to renew my domains every year. And it's a hassle searching out for Godaddy coupons. Coupons Codes Mall makes it easy as they list all the major codes for Godaddy.

You can also subscribed and get your daily coupon codes delivered to your email. That is great for those who don't want to go searching for deals and coupons.

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