Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Web Hosting Guide

If your thinking of making a website or blog, then this post is for you. I have been thinking about starting a new site for a long time. This would be my first paid hosting site. But before I jump in with my time and money. This Web hosting guide will show me the way. First I have no clue what are the good web hosting options available to me. I need to find the Web hosting rating on some of the better hosts and compare. All of research goes into to this. But the payoff is definitely worth it.

Now there is a ton of technical stuff you need to learn. I suggest check out several technical books. Even those dummies reference books would be helpful. I have been planning ahead and almost at the point to start off my new site. And if I am starting a website I need to brush up on cPanel with these cPanel Tutorials. There are many other things to learn but I think by a couple months I will know the ins and out of hosting my own site. And then the big money will roll in and I can retire from my 9 to 5 job.

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