Monday, July 23, 2007

Pocketables reviews the Flipstart

Jenn K. Lee over at has a review of the Flipstart 1.0 (E-1001S). This is the conclusion she comes out with.

Even if I could overlook its outdated design, chunkiness, and lack of a touchscreen, I would find it difficult to recommend the FlipStart because of its very high starting price: $1999. For a 30GB hard drive, 512MB of RAM, and little innovation in terms of pushing the limits of the form factor, it's just too much.

I do like the backlit keyboard, integrated 3G connectivity, accessory bundle, and input options (particularly the touchpad), but there are better alternatives on the market right now that are much less expensive. In fact, the current price puts the FlipStart above the best configuration of the OQO Model 02 and the Sony Vaio UX380N, both well known for their premium price tags.

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