Monday, July 23, 2007

GenerationMP3 Tests Archos 605

Here's the conclusion they came to:

Before testing the 605 Wifi, we thought that this one was only one update of its predecessor, the 604 Wifi. With final, one notes that Archos made evolve/move its product much more than what one would have pus to believe it.

The 605 Wifi is before a whole video walkman: it is compatible with many formats (if you buy the plug-ins) and has a very good video quality. It is addressed to the people wishing to look at its vidéos in wandering mode.
Audio side, it is not badly, but one is nevertheless far from a walkman with a very good audio quality as one connait it at Cowon or even Sony…
Concerning WiFi, since it is a large point proposed by Archos, this one functions very well for all that is streaming, even VoD, but for navigation Internet, it will be necessary to be patient in spite of the support with the flash… On the latter point, Archos has still progress to make and to make pay to 30€ the Opera navigator for this very mitigated result, it is exaggerated perhaps a little.
This new version thus gains in quality, in speed but loses small alleviating but useful functionalities like the microphone or the exit TV.
What disturbs us more, it is the policy of the plug-ins or another modules of Archos; admittedly the product is at a very gravitational price, 300€, but if you wish to benefit from it the maximum it will be necessary to put the hand at the pocket and to approach the 500€.
In the absence of real competitors on the French market, Archos is placed as a leader with this 605 Wifi which is a complete PMP when one puts at it the price and which will make the happiness of many users
via GenerationMp3

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