Thursday, July 05, 2007

Pocketables reviews iriver clix 2 cradle

Jenn k. lee of Pocketables takes a look at the iRiver Clix 2 cradle. Her conclusion is:

The iriver clix 2 cradle would be a fantastic, must-have accessory if not for its integrated speaker, which sounds great on paper but falls far short of even lowered expectations in person. Not only does it produce muffled and tin-like sound, but it's also the root of one of my other gripes about the unit: no dedicated volume controls.

If iriver omitted the speaker (and added an LED indicator for battery status), the dock could still command its $45 asking price based solely on its charging/syncing capabilities and good looks. Then again, its unconventional design (part of its appeal) doesn't make any sense without its speaker.

via Pocketables

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