Monday, March 03, 2008

Nationite X1: Wifi, Windows CE, GPS, Game Emulation Player

The Nationite X1 seems to have pack it all in. It features Wifi, Windows CE, built in GPS, support for game emulation, 4.3" Touchscreen, 1.3 camera, and finally it should support game emulation especially with it's PSP-style design.

Rumored Specs
4.3" Touch Screen ARM926 + DSP
WinCE 5.0 + word/excel/powerpoint/pdf etc
Wifi Enabled (msn/skype/internet/home network)
1.3MP camera
Built in GPS
Has PocketNester and other games installed
SD memory slot
Audio (supports playlists and lots of audio formats)
Video (plays vids at hi res without need to convert down + AVI/ASF/MPEG/h.264/wmv)
The actual shell looks nice, more to a psp styling.
Battery: 6hrs audio, 3hrs video, 4hrs if used like a computer (word/excel), 2hrs if used for wifi - battery life is approx and was what the manufacturer told us.

1GB for about $280
2GB for about $290

Should be available soon at MP4Nation.NET

via MP4Nation HERE and HERE

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