Thursday, March 06, 2008

Simply Audiobooks - The Netflix of audio book rentals

Have you been to the library lately? And seen the selection of audiobooks. It's not much and purchasing audiobooks is out of the question since you really want to hear an audiobook once then move on. Well then take a look at Simply Audiobooks HERE. Simply Audiobooks will do for audio books what Netflix has done to DVD rentals.

The service is simple:

First signup to one of their multiply plans as low as $15 a month with unlimited audio book rentals.

Simply Audiobooks will mail out the audio books to you. When finished with an audio book send it back in the provided prepaid envelope and receive your next audio book in your list.

Simply Audiobooks also has an option to download over 6,000 audio books. Prices start at $11.95. And the downloaded audio books can be played on over 200 Play For Sure MP3 players.

Sign up now at HERE

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