Monday, March 31, 2008

Photoshop Plugin Fluid Mask 3

If your looking for a Photoshop Plugin that can take an object and extract it from it's background and then place it on a new background then take at look at Fluid Mask 3. It is a favorite for photographers, image editors, and graphic designers. The Vertus site also provides helpful Photoshop Tutorials to get you started. So even those of us who are not familar with Photoshop Masking can be experts in no time.

Vertus Fluid Mask 3 features

New Features in V3

Highlight new key features are:

Localized edge detection and blending – for faster workflow
Faster initial image processing – up to 40%
bullet Better edge blending
bullet New look application – full screen / no desktop visible
bullet Localize problem areas for greater workflow enhancement
bullet Great new tools for fine mask selections
bullet Best of breed Help – now there’s an innovative in-application Tool Tips box with links to application based xml help files and tutorials

If you want to try before you buy their is also a free trial HERE

And if your ready to buy this powerful Photoshop Plugin then Buy it Now for both Mac and Windows HERE

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