Wednesday, October 24, 2012

AirBuds - The Most Comfortable Earbuds Review

When a company advertises the most comfortable earbuds I want to review it.  This is the Airbuds which is made to be earbuds for iphone.  The Airbuds have a build in mic so you can make and receive calls and then switch to listening to music.

While the price of the earbuds is less than $40, the Airbuds feel very premium in quality.  It starts with quality metal construction with memory foam inserts.  The Airbuds include 3 Pairs of Fit-All Foam Tips for maximum comfort.  The Sweat-resistant ear pieces allow you to take them to the gym while you workout.  And the tangle resistant flat cable allows you to move around without getting all tangled up.

A review will be not complete without mentioning the sound quality of the earphones.  The Airbuds deliver a clean crisp sound with a nice amount of bass.  The Airbuds pair well with the iPhone 5 as it has a built in mic that you can use to make and receive calls.  The memory foam ear tips do a good job of blocking out noise from your environment.  The Airbuds would be great for traveling especially on long flights while you have your iPhone in hand.

In this Airbuds review I am convinced I may have found the most comfortable earbuds available.  The Airbuds deliver in sound quality, build construction, and comfort.  I no longer have to take break of listening to my favorite music because my Apple earbuds irritate my ears.

9.7 Out 10

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