Friday, March 12, 2010

iBend stand for iPod Touch/iPhone The Artist Series MEOMI - Cute Bites Review

I have previously reviewed the iBend before but that was the plain version. Now they have released new versions with new designs. The Artist Series features cool designs that make the iBend stand look every better and more personable.

There are 6 in the series of Artist Series of iBend Stands. The one that I got was the MEOMI - Cute Bites. It is a cool design that will appeal too many. Nothing has change from the classic iBend other than the design.

The iBend is a stand that is made of thin plastic that is flat then bent to form a cradle for your iPhone or iPod Touch. It is very convenient when you’re on a flight and want to watch a movie on your device.

Overall the iBend is a great cheap effective product for no hands use of your iPod Touch/iPhone. You can watch movies on your device without having to buy a $20 stand. Plus the iBend takes no space at all. You can pretty much transport the iBends in a plain envelope. At $5.99 get a couple for your next business trip.

10 Out of 10

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Disclosure: Was given a review sample.

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