Friday, March 26, 2010

HP Mini 311 first look review

The HP Mini 311 pairs an Atom chip with an Nvidia ION graphics chips. This makes this a reasonable gaming Netbook. It will not get serious gamers to trade in their laptops but it will bring in casual gamers.

The HP mini 311 packs in a lot in a small package. The features this Netbook include are an 11.6-inch, 1,366x768 screen, Nvidia Chip, and with a starting price of $399. Typical with many spec Netbooks this model comes with Intel Atom N270 CPU, 1GB of RAM, and Windows XP. You can also purchase the newer model with 2GB of Ram and Windows 7.

The laptop accessories with this Netbook are sparse. You get an ac adapter, battery, and manual. The Netbook does not come with a recovery disc as there is no built in optical drive.

The 311 comes with a Black or White lid with gray plastic on the inside. While it's not quite the quality of the HP Mini 2140's metal body. The build quality of the 311 is decent and is close in quality to similar Netbooks. The keyboard is almost full size but feels spongy. The trackpad is too smooth for my liking.

With the Nvidia ION chip you get decent gaming capabilities. The HP mini 311 for casual gamers at least will be satisfied by this Netbook. Also you can watch HD movies on the device with the included HDMI output port.

Overall the HP Mini 311 is one of the best Netbooks available. I would dare say it rivals many low end laptops. The ability to surf the internet, do office work, watch HD movies, and play games make this Netbook a winner.

9.5 out 10

Buy this now at Amazon here
HP Mini 311-1000NR 11.6-Inch Black Netbook - Up to 6.25 Hours of Battery Life

or the Windows 7 version here
HP Mini 311-1025NR 11.6-Inch Black Netbook - Up to 6.25 Hours of Battery Life (Windows 7 Home Premium)


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