Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Signs your DSL Modem is dying

My transition from Comcast Cable Broadband internet to AT&T DSL has been over two years. First my DSL connection had a bad connection. I called a tech twice, the first time nothing was found. Then the second tech came to my house. I told him that my DSL and sometimes phone line will go out when it rains. And then would come back when it's sunny. So the tech splashed some water(had he not the problem would still be there) on a wire and found that the wire was corroded. He went inside and splice a wire then went outside and connected the wire and everything was fine.

Then recently my DSL modem would randomly reset. I would only get two green bars(Power and Ethernet) but the DSL, Internet, Activity lights would not go on at all. I thought maybe it was a corroded wire again. But after some trouble shooting on my own I found that the likely culprit was the modem. Since my DSL modem could not even connect at all. I had to buy the new DSL modem at Best Buy at a premium of $75. I could have got the same modem online for around $25. So after connecting the new modem I was fine again.

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