Wednesday, November 11, 2009

PacSafe ProSafe 750 and WalletSafe tri-fold travel wallet Review

Today I check out two products from PacSafe. The ProSafe 750 is a lock for you luggage and WalletSafe is an anti-theft wallet. Both products are made to keep your personal belongings safe during trips this holiday.

First we check out the ProSafe 750 which is TSA approved. There was a time you could not lock your luggage because of security checks. But now there are TSA approved locks that can be opened by security handlers at Airports. The ProSafe 750 is small, compact, yet secure lock for your luggage. The lock is easy to open with the included key card that unlocks it. All you have to do is take one of the two key cards included and pushed in the card slot and the lock snaps open. This is much easier than having to remember a combination of numbers. The product is only $12.50 and available now.

9.7 Out of 10


Next we go to the WalletSafe that we also checked out from PacSafe. When you travel you do not want to lose your wallet with all your personal information. So this reason you should get an anti-theft wallet. The WalletSafe has many features that other wallets do not have. First the wallet has a metal chain that clips onto your belt loop. The chain protects from the wallet from falling out of your pocket which happens more than you think. And it also guards from pick pocketers stealing your wallet out of your pocket. Another nice addition to the WalletSafe is the zippered cash compartment. If you plan to carry a lot of money with you on a trip then at least you know it’s secure. The WalletSafe sells for $19.99.

9.5 Out of 10


With the holidays coming up, a lot of people will be traveling across the world. So some added protection is needed for a pleasant worry free trip. The products from PacSafe will keep your information and belongings safe this holiday season. I highly recommend you take a look at these products before your next trip overseas.

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