Thursday, November 05, 2009

The güs vertical wallet Review

Reviewed by K.C. Kim

The güs vertical wallet is a looking at the traditional billfold in a slightly different angle. Like the horizontal wallet, the vertical is also very thin, but its vertical orientation is extremely comfortable, too. It features:

1. 6 separate card slots
2. 2 interior pockets
3. 1 lengthwise pocket*
4. ultra-slim design

The vertical wallet is available in our own “splitshot” preforation in black or brown or the smooth finish in black only. Like the entire güs line, it is 100% hand crafted in Italy, using vegetable-tanned Italian leather, güs' unique cut-out card slots and hand-stitched corners.

* In order to keep its sleek profile, the vertical wallet will not fit US currency lengthwise without folding the bills. We recommend our horizontal wallet for that purpose.

I carry a wallet with me everyday so paying a little extra for quality is not a bad idea. And my ideal wallet will look good, be slim, and made of quality materials. I had a chance to check out the Güs vertical wallet. This wallet is stunning in person but a bit more expensive than the wallets I currently own. So is it worth the extra money? Check out my review and find out.

The güs vertical wallet comes in your choice of splitshot perforation black or brown. The wallet is made of vegetable-tanned Italian leather with cut-out card slots and hand-stitched corners. You can tell this wallet was crafted to perfection and quality. The small holes of the “splitshot” preforation give it a nice design. This is no plain Jane wallet to look at. The wallet also has hand-stitched corners. The black model has purple stitching while the brown has orange stitching. The edge has green stitching on the black wallet and yellow stitching on the brown wallet.

The wallet has 6 card slots and 2 interior slots so pretty good amount of space for your business cards, license, and credit cards. The vertical wallet is very slim compared to my current wallet but to keep the wallet sleek you have to fold your money into the bill slot. This is not a big deal for me but you can get the horizontal wallet if you prefer which fits bills perfectly.

The güs vertical wallet is my dream wallet. It has a cool design, thin profile and quality feel. I would not hesitate to recommend this to anyone. It would also make an awesome gift for those hard to shop for guys. I mean who wouldn't want a great looking wallet as a gift. The güs vertical wallet is available now for $155.

10 Out of 10

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