Friday, September 18, 2009

Teclast T56 PMP does 1080P

Now the popularity of high-definition MP4 can be basically smooth playback of RMVB format of 1280 * 720 high-definition video, but the 720P playback h.264-encoded HD video is more difficult. While we are all still to play 720P high-definition video can not be smooth, when depressed, Taipower technology broke the news that you can smooth playback full HD resolution of 1920x1080 Full HD video MP4 will soon be the new market, and learned that this MP4 The model T56.

It is reported, this T56 Full HD Full HD MP4 using South Korean Telechips's latest TCC8900 master chip, TCC8900 master built-in ARM11 RISC processor. Taiwan Power Technology has been working with South Korean Telechips companies have good relations of cooperation, from the 2005 Taiwan Power Company C150, T19's TCC760 master, to Taipower T29's TCC770 master until the TCC8200 Taipower T39 master, Taiwan Power Technology is Telechips in China's largest partners.

According to the information disclosed, T56 will support H.264, VC-1 and other mainstream smooth playback high-definition video encoding format. In addition, it will also support the HDMI Full HD output, requires only one line of LCD TVs can be connected directly, the output full HD Full HD video. At the same time, T56 will also support OTG function, can read the mobile hard disk, U disk inside the video file, as long as another to add a cheap external hard drive case you can easily set up high-definition theater, this is also a convenient and inexpensive HD Theater solution. On the screen, T56 will be equipped with low-temperature polysilicon LTPS LCD screen 800 * 480 resolution, viewing angle approaching 180 degrees, to meet the higher needs of the user screen. The current shape of the aircraft is still an unknown, the price also has no relevant information.

Update looks like imp3 had the wrong info. Here is the updated pic of the Teclast T56. Thanks MP4nation.

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