Monday, July 26, 2010

Skullcandy Hesh Review

I recently saw some Skullcandy headphones at TJ Maxx and thought I give them a try. At my local Meijer I saw these headphones for $49.95 but TJ Maxx had them for around $35 plus tax.

The Hesh are full size cans with many different designs. The ones I purchase were Black/white with various graphics on it. Skullcandy are known for stylish designs and they don't disappoint here. The headphones fit snug on my head and are adjustable to fit most head sizes. The headband is wrapped in leather as well as the ear cups. The sides are made of plastic so there is a question if the plastic frame will last.

Skullcandy is not known for best quality of sound but they are fine for most. I prefer to wear full size headphones over earphones when I am at home. And the Skullcandy sound better than any of the earphones I own. The bass on these headphones are good without any distortion at higher volumes.

Overall these are great sounding headphones but I worry about build quality. I have heard a lot of reviews saying that these cans don't last long and have to be RMA. I have only had this headphone for a couple of weeks so only time will tell.

7.5 Out of 10

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